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Systems Pharmacology of Anti-Cancer Therapies

One of the promises in this post-genomic era of biology was a more personalized form of medicine, in which therapies could be tailored to the specific needs of the group (or even the individual). While a wealth of information has indeed been gathered for many types of cancer, a major shortcoming remains our inability to make rational predictions of combinatorial drug effects. Our lab is mainly interested in understanding mechanisms of anti-cancer drug action, in order to aid in the creation of better therapeutic options of patients with breast cancer. We focus on signaling pathways controlling the growth, survival, and death of cancer cells, in order to identify sources of therapeutic variability and to clarify the “rules” that underlie the efficacy of drugs, both when used as single agents and when used in complex combinations.

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Value Statement

Our group places a priority on inclusiveness. We strive to create and maintain an environment that is comfortable and accepting of all people, regardless of their race, religion, culture, gender identity, or sexual orientation. As a group we value diversity, and aim to respect the unique challenges and life history of each person. We believe that the gender and race imbalances seen in academic science are caused by generations of structural racism, systemic bigotry, and the continued impact of implicit biases that are ingrained our culture. Our lab is an environment where these issues can be discussed, and each member of our lab can expect to be heard and be respected.

We hold each other accountable for living up to these values every day. This statement was written jointly by all members of the Lee Lab in 2020.