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Our Residency Simulation Program

The UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency Simulation Program is funded by a federal HRSA grant. The purpose of our project is to prepare family medicine residents to care for the underserved, using simulation to enhance resident procedural skills and patient access to comprehensive care.

Get a closer look at our simulators here. 

                 sim9                  sim4                             

Our Simulation Curriculum
Simulation is integrated throughout residency training. In addition, there is time devoted specifically to working with the simulators and task trainers during all 3 years of residency.

A few of the elements of our curriculum in which simulation is featured:

- “Day in the Life” experience for incoming interns during Foundations month
-  Quarterly protected time for simulation scenarios in adult medicine, children’s health, and women’s health/obstetrics
-  ACLS, PALS, NALS, and ALSO training
-  Workshops on procedural skills (eg. suturing, joint injections, colposcopy, etc.)

A number of our Family Medicine faculty have completed certificate training in using simulation in medical education. Scenarios are designed, overseen and debriefed by trained faculty facilitators.          

Task Trainers
A number of trainers are available to teach learners key examination and procedural skills required of a family physician:

PROMPT Birthing Simulator
Female Pelvic Exam Trainer
Male Pelvic Exam Trainer
Rectal Exam Trainer
Joint Injection Trainers (shoulder, elbow, hand & wrist, knee, foot & ankle)
Eye and Ear Examination Trainers
ABG Wrist Trainer
Venipuncture Arm Trainer
Lumbar Puncture Trainer
Ingrowing Toenail Trainer
Skin Lesion Pads (for excision of lesion, suturing, etc.)                                                                


"Simulation is an innovative way to meet the needs of our learners, maintain patient safety, and

prepare our family medicine residents for full spectrum practice anywhere in the world."
 - Allison Hargreaves, MD and Education Director, Barre Family Health Center