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    2 week didactic course 

4 week global travel

4 week global travel 

2 weeks travel to Nicaragua     

Monthly longitudinal workshop   

Monthly longitudinal workshop

Revisions are in the process of being made to both our website and brochure with updated information. Please contact Dr. Olga Valdman for the latest Track info at: Olga. 

First year

You will complete a 2-week course in topics relevant to global health and participate in a trip to Nicaragua. The purpose of this trip is to expose you to a community health-based system, familiarize you with the local healthcare structure and medical education system and introduce you to our local partners and communities we work with. This trip will prepare you for your return trips in 2nd and 3rd year when you would be expected to understand this system and work collaboratively with our partners. 

Second year
You will have another one-month elective away. The focus of this month will be either clinical or research-based. The goal is for you to gain one month each of clinical and research experience.  

Third year
You will have another one-month elective away. The focus of this month will be either clinical or research-based depending on what you opted for in your second year. In addition, if you choose you may develop leadership skills by co-leading the intern trip to Nicaragua or precepting medical students in the Dominican Republic.                           

You will also participate in the monthly global health seminar series and during your second and third years, you will be expected to complete at least two presentations.  Track participants become proficient in Spanish language by participating in weekly Spanish language classes while in Worcester as well as at a language school in Nicaragua. 

At the completion of residency, a certificate of added training will be given to residents who have completed the Global Health track.