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Through regular contact with your advisor and goal setting, your electives will be focused on meeting your self-directed needs and interests. Members of the faculty at UMass and throughout the Worcester community are highly regarded local, regional, and national experts. The region thus provides a tremendous resource of top physicians and local opportunities to work with on your electives in the UMass Memorial system. Away electives are also available and encouraged for experiences not available in the local area.

Longitudinal Electives
Longitudinal electives in Adolescent Medicine, Women’s Health, Sports Medicine, Geriatrics, Faculty Development, Group Maternity Care Visits, Procedures and other areas of interest are available for residents to gain extra experience and expertise in selected areas within Family Medicine.

International Health Electives
Our residency is committed to preparing residents for global health opportunities. Our global health track provides opportunities locally as well as meaningful international away electives. Electives in international health are a great way to learn cross-cultural medicine. We have a number of established international rotation sites in cooperation with UMass Chan Medical School in places as diverse as Central and South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Residents are also able to set up electives in other approved sites, and stipends are available to a few residents each year to support their travel expenses.

Rural Electives
Rural electives offer an opportunity to work closely with a family physician in small town rural practice. The residents are involved in office practice, inpatient and nursing home admissions and rounds, as well as home visits when appropriate. Opportunities are available to work with a nurse midwife and integrative health providers. Rural electives are available at Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and other locations.

Specialty Electives
As part of a tertiary medical center, our residents have access to electives in a vast variety of specialties. Residents are encouraged to explore their particular interests and passions. Common block electives include sports medicine, women’s health, diabetes, and palliative care. Additionally, many residents focus on building their academic and leadership skills with faculty development electives.