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Introducing the WFMR Provider Well-Being Curriculum

Our wellbeing curriculum is longitudinal, multifaceted, and both supportive and academic in nature. Residents have dedicated time to devote to learning, practicing and discussing strategies to maintain resiliency and prevent burnout. This curriculum is overseen by Elizabeth Dykhouse, PhD, Director of Behavioral Science,

Tuesday Didactics
The PGY1 class has a 45-minute session approximately once per block with the focus on social support and a place to discuss the shared experience of intern year. The PGY2 and PGY3 classes have a joint 90-minute session approximately once per block (guided in part by Every Doctor: Health Doctors = Healthy Patients by Leanne Rowe and Michael Kidd). Topics are focused on equipping physician leaders with the skills to support their own wellbeing as well as that of those around them.

See an example of this two-year curriculum below:

Year One

  • Our Own Medical/Dental/Mental Health Care
  • Responding to Offensive Language
  • Taking Control of Our Time/Setting Compassionate Boundaries
  • Ethical Issues: Terminating relationships; Prescribing for friends and family
  • Joy in Medicine/Positive Psychology
  • When Things go Wrong/Patient Complaints/Grief and Loss
  • Self-Compassion
  • Thoughts are Not Facts … Everyone can use a little CBT
  • Gratitude/Meaningful People
  • Liking or Not Liking Our Patients/Secondary Stress and Triggers

Year Two

  • Managing Intense Stress/Psychological Flexibility
  • Mindful Communication/Conflict Resolution
  • Community Connection
  • Mindful Practice: Noticing/Self-Awareness/Responding to Suffering
  • Mindful Movement/Yoga/Meditation
  • Managing our most important relationships/Social Support
  • Values Clarification and Discussion
  • Creating Healthy Cultures and Teams
  • Life GPS
  • Advocacy: for Patients, Ourselves, and Our Profession

Physician as Leader Blocks
Additionally, residents have protected time for individual wellness during the Physician as Wellness (PAL) curriculum. Friday afternoons of the PAL blocks are set aside for either group or individual wellness. Guidance is provided by BH faculty for the use of this time as needed/desired. 

Individual counseling resources
Residents have access to free counseling and medication management through Tend Health. See more about these services here.