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RNA Therapeutics Institute  
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A hallmark of the UMass Chan experience is the diversity and energy of the entire school; students, staff, and faculty. Students pursuing an MD, PhD, or MD/PhD at the school bring a wealth of professional experience, unique perspectives, and a diversity of interests to our community. In particular, RTI Alumni are a very accomplished group of individuals, serving in a variety of distinguished positions in academia, leaders in biotech, pharma, and the U.S. government.


Former students and postdoctoral scholars that were in RTI Faculty Labs (some pre-date PI tenure in the RTI). Searchable by keyword (name, current role, company, institution, award, etc), people (student/postdoc/clinician), type of career (academia/industry, etc) and organization (RTI, Lab, Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, T.H. Chan School of Medicine).


If you're an alumnus and want to update your details or send us a current headshot, please contact us here:


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