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ScienceLIVE Events & Outreach Opportunities

Join us for additional volunteer opportunities in the classroom or behind the scenes. For detailed information on how to participate and to sign up to volunteer, go to our For Volunteers page.


Previous ScienceLIVE Events

2022–2023 School Year in Partnership with Worcester Public Middle Schools

  • Presented 182 virtual or in-person classroom visits for 3981 students with 88 volunteers from the UMass Chan community
  • Provided 1737 experiential learning kits to 99 classrooms
  • Completed Q&A and career panels for 1780 students, with 67 of our volunteers. 

2022–2023 Mentor in Service Days with Worcester Technical High School

  • 87 Worcester high school students helped 19 ScienceLIVE volunteers create 900+ kits for Worcester middle schoolers to do experiments in their classrooms while discussing STEM careers, the college adjustment, time management and more!

2022–2023 Partnership with Girls, Inc Eureka! Program

  • In partnership with UMass Chan's SACNAS Chapter 9th-12th grade young women and girls did a hands-on activity and discussed STEM careers with 11 of our volunteers.
  • During the Eureka Jr! summer camp for girls in 4th-6th grade, 14 students had three visits from 10 of our volunteers to do fun experiential learning activities. 

2021, 2022 Massachusetts STEM Week Participants

2021–Present Emma RNA Saves the Day Coloring Book & Infographic Poster

2021 Touch Tomorrow Festival

  • Participated in the free STEM festival, Touch Tomorrow (April 2022) where 19 of our volunteers performed ~1000 experiments with students of all ages

2020–2021 School Year in Partnership with Worcester Public Middle Schools

  • Presented 70 virtual classroom visits for 1800 students, with 26 of volunteers from the UMass Chan community

2020 Fall Modules in partnership with Technocopia:

  • October 16: Brain Science (exploring neurobiology) Lauren Monroe, Technocopia Inc.
  • October 23: The Building Blocks of Life (exploring cell and molecular biology) Dr. Mary Pickering, UMass Chan
  • October 30: The Immune System (exploring immunology) Dr. Jeffrey Voss, University of Wisconsin
  • November 6: Designing Prosthetic Limbs (exploring biomechanical engineering) Nadia Eshraghi, Christine Hebert, Brittany Dacier, UMass Chan
  • November 13: The Science of Junk Food (exploring color chemistry) Dr. Ronald Grimm, WPI and Lauren Monroe, Technocopia Inc.
  • November 20: DNA Sequences are a BLAST! (exploring bioinformatics and evolutionary biology) Dr. Eraj Khokhar, UMass Chan
  • December 6: Gene Editing and CRISPR (exploring molecular biology) Dr. Chris Grove, UMass Chan Alum, WormBase
  • December 11: Doctor's Orders: Finish your antibiotics! (exploring microbiology), Dr. Michelle Bellerose, UMass Chan Alum