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Collaborative in Health Equity


Research, Education & Training

Sarah Forrester, PhD


Global Health

Anindita Deb, MD



URiM Community Workforce Development & Capacity Building

Cherise Hamblin, MD


Community Engagement & Outreach

Domenica Perrone, MBA


Research Spotlight


The RTI’s Dr. Athma Pai and grad students Leslie Torres Ulloa and Ezequiel Calvo-Roitberg describe a novel approach to estimate the 3’ end RNA cleavage rates. Fast cleavage is associated with more polyadenylation signals (PASs) and less transcriptional readthrough. Read Genome-wide kinetic profiling of pre-mRNA 3’ end cleavage in RNA.

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Journey of a Nobel Discovery

Presented by ICBA, BBC StoryWorks

Meet Craig Mello, part of the RTI at UMass Chan, who was awarded the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, with Andrew Z. Fire, for the discovery of RNA interference. The discovery of RNAi has given scientists unprecedented opportunities to develop new life-saving therapies and advance our basic understanding of biology. 

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