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Inspire students to question, model, predict, and solve real-world problems! 


Every ScienceLIVE commitment to a classroom includes:

  • An interactive experience for your students with 2-3 of our scientists where we practice the scientific method in real-time 
  • We bring all the equipment, materials, and instructions to do an experiment with your students, for FREE!
  • An optional opportunity for one of our scientists to virtually revisit your classroom at a later date to answer any new questions or discuss some science in the news.

All of this, FREE!


ScienceLIVE Modules Available for 2022–2023 School Year

*Our Worcester Public Middle School classroom visits will be in-person this year!


7th grade Teachers:

The Building Blocks of Life (exploring cell and molecular biology)

Your students will revisit the concepts of the characteristics of all living things, cells as the basic units of life, and the role of DNA, with our scientists. They will be engaged in the steps of the scientific process as they are guided a hands-on DNA extraction. Then, students will compare the extracted DNA from different foods.



8th grade Teachers:

Doctor’s Orders: Finish your antibiotics! (exploring microbiology)

Your students will be introduced to the world of microorganisms with our scientists! They will do a hands-on modeling experiment to see how mutations affect traits of a pathogenic “strain of bacteria” and the importance of following the directions for an antibiotic prescription. Students will collect data, practice generating graphs, and interpret the results.



 12-21 Syringe.png

COVID-19 mRNA vaccines: How they work and why they are safe

Coronavirus infographic explaining the science of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines for download for your classroom, or you can request a free poster here!

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Upcoming & Previous Events

Check out our upcoming trainee events and volunteer opportunities or see where we've been and what we've been up to!  

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Emma RNA Saves the Day Coloring & Comic Book

In 2019, a new and dangerous villain emerged in the world, Spike Man. In ScienceLIVE’s first coloring comic book, you’ll learn about how Spike Man hijacks the body’s factories and how Emma RNA and her legion of molecular superheroes save the day! Download in English, Español, Chinese, Deutsch, Français, Português, and Türk; more languages to come. You can request coloring books for your classroom, library, pediatrician's office here.

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