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Michael Moazami, PhD

Medical Student, Oxford University Medical School, Oxford, UK

Former RTI Lab: Doctoral Candidate, Watts Lab
Training Period: 2014 – 2018
Prior Academic Degree Institution: University of Southampton, UK

  Michael Moazami

Michael Moazami received his MChem degree from the University of Southampton in England. Over the course of his degree, he worked predominantly in the area of organic and natural product synthesis before realising that he was more interested in therapeutic relevance than novel molecules. Mike completed his bachelor's project in Ali Tavassoli's lab and his master's with Jonathan Watts before accepting a PhD position with him and then moving to the UMass Chan Medical School. Mike's research focused on improving delivery of antisense oligonucleotides systemically and in cerebrospinal fluid. He also has a strong research interest in glioblastoma and associated brain cancers. Currently, Mike is finishing his medical degree at Oxford University Medical School.