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Leadership Development Conference


Empowering Professional Women for Executive Roles

The EMPOWER Summit is a one-day immersive, interactive leadership development opportunity designed to enhance the leadership skills of those marginalized because of their gender. All are welcome regardless of gender identity, presentation or sexuality. Current and aspiring leaders, and all those who mentor or sponsor them are invited to attend. EMPOWER is a product of Dr. Tiffany Moore Simas's Joy McCann Professorship project.


Women clinicians and scientists bring unique perspectives, strengths, and opportunities to academic health centers. Women have yet to achieve leadership positions proportional to the numbers being trained. Leakages and blockages in the pipeline are numerous and multifactorial. According to the AAMC Faculty Engagement Survey, women might benefit from:

  • Clear role expectations and advancement pathways
  • Equitable and diverse workplaces
  • Opportunities for development and advancement

Building from previous EMPOWER Summits, the 2023 EMPOWER Summit continued to prepare women faculty leaders (new and aspiring) for executive leadership roles.

Program Goals

  • Develop women leaders through knowledge and skill acquisition necessary to lead confidently and competently.
  • Create peer and leadership and mentorship networks to share perspective, expertise, and support -within and beyond the program.


Who You Are and What You Say: Leadership Identity and Communication