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RNA Biology JC

 RNA Biology Journal Club Schedule



Paper Title                                     

Tuesday,  September 10

"Repressive Gene Regulation Synchronizes
Development with Cellular Metabolism"

Cassidy, JJ, et al., 2019

October 22

“Molecular mechanism of translational stalling by inhibitory codon combinations and poly(A) tracts”

Tesina, P., et al., BioRxiv, Sept., 2019

November 26

"Context-specific regulation of cell survival by
a miRNA-controlled BIM rheostat"

Labi, V., et al., Nov., 2019

Monday,                December 16

The December 16th Journal Club has been canceled.     See you on January 28th

January 28

“B2 and ALU retrotransposons are self-cleaving ribozymes whose activity is enhanced by EZH2”

Hernandez, A., et al.

February 25

"Modulation of RNA Condensation
by the DEAD-Box
Protein eIF4A"

Tauber, D., et al.
Cell, Feb., 2020

Tuesday, March 24 - rescheduled to April 7


April 28
May 26

 All meetings take place in Two Biotech, 2nd Floor Conference Room from 10 AM - 12 PM

Organizer:   Dr. Victor Ambros
Contact Person:  Joan Lynch (

To obtain a copy of the article that is scheduled to be discussed click on the title