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Principal Investigator

  • Victor Ambros, PhD

    Victor Ambros, PhD

    Principal Investigator
    Silverman Professor of Natural Sciences
    Program in Molecular Medicine
    (508) 856-5723

    Ambros CV

    Victor Ambros did his graduate research (1976-1979) with David Baltimore at MIT, studying poliovirus genome structure and replication.  He began to study the genetic pathways controlling developmental timing in the nematode C. elegans as a postdoc in H. Robert Horvitz’s lab at MIT, and continued those studies while on the faculty of Harvard (1984-1992), Dartmouth (1992-2007), and the University of Massachusetts Medical School (2008-present).  In 1993, members of the Ambros lab identified the first microRNA, the product of lin-4, a heterochronic gene of C. elegans.  Since then, the role of microRNAs in development has been a major focus of his research.