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RNA Journal Club

RNA Biology Journal Club

RNA Biology Journal Club is open to all. The J-Club meets monthly from 10 AM - 12 PM in the 2nd Floor Conference Room, Biotech Two. Articles will be posted on the website and distributed (via e-mail) two weeks in advance. For additional information click on the journal icon.
Organizer: Victor Ambros (

Worm meeting




Boston Area Worm Meeting

BAWM is a bi-monthly meeting of New England C elegens workers and meets at 6pm in the first floor Conference Room of the MIT Biology Building. Each meeting consists of four research talks of 20-25 minutes with breaks for conversation. Pizza is served. For details, please click the button.

Organizers and Contacts: Victor Ambros (  and Rosalind Lee (, UMass Medical School.
Sponsors: BioExpress, Genesee, Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.,  Kramer Scientific, MBF Bioscience, New England BioLabs,

RNA Data Club

The UMass RNA Data Club is a monthly meeting and open to all. The Club meets every third Tuesday at 9:00AM in the 3rd floor Seminar Room of Biotech Two. Each session consists of three 30-minute talks by principal investigators, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students,followed by 10 minutes of discussion; breakfast is served. The purpose of this club is to share the recent discoveries in the field of RNA biology and to facilitate interactions between laboratories. For a list of scheduled speakers, please click the button.
Sponsored by: Qiagen