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 Bi-monthly meeting of New England C. elegans workers.

Pizza and four research talks of about 20-25 minutes, with breaks for conversation. 
We meet at 6:00 PM  in Room 68-181
First floor of the
MIT Biology building.

BAWM food and drink is enabled by financial support from….. 
New England Biolabs
Integrated DNA Technologies
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Kramer Scientific 
MBF Bioscience

September 25, 2019

Name Talk Title

Karolina Mizeracka
(Heiman Lab - Harvard)

"How distinct lineages produce the same cell type"
Sarah Anderson
(Pukkila-Worley Lab- UMMS)

 “The fatty acid oleate is required for innate immune activation and pathogen defense in C. elegans.”

Ana Pereira
(Y. Zhang Lab - Harvard)

"Adult exposure to pathogenic bacteria bidirectionally
regulates pathogen response in the progeny"
Latika Matai
(Slack Lab - Harvard)

"Dietary restriction improves proteostasis and increases
life span through endoplasmic reticulum hormesis

November 20, 2019

Name Talk Title
Ye (Oscar) Duan
Ambros Lab - UMMS
Joseph Zullo
(Yankner Lab-  Havard )

To be announced
(Sengupta Lab - Brandeis)


 Alon Zaslaver
(Zaslaver Lab - Hebrew University)


January 29, 2020

Name Talk Title
Josh Saul
(Horvitz Lab - MIT)
Andrew Gehrke
(Srivastava Lab - Harvard)
Kai Mao
(Ruvkun Lab - Harvard)
Josh Hawk
(Colon-Ramos Lab - Yale)

March 25, 2020

Name Talk Title
Ijeoma Nwabudike
(Flavell Lab - MIT)
Jorge Castillo-Quan
(Blackwell Lab - Harvard)
Perla Castaneda
(Cram Lab - Northeastern)

May 20, 2020

Name Talk Title
Victoria Julian
(Byrne Lab - UMMS)
Chun Li
(Slack Lab - Harvard)
Gurrein Madan
(Flavell Lab - MIT)
Eugene Lee
(Horvitz Lab - MIT)



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