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 Bi-monthly meeting of New England C. elegans workers.
We meet at 6:00 PM  via Zoom
Talks are about 20-25 minutes with breaks for conversation

September 23, 2020


Title of Talk

Chris Grove

"WormBase 2020: An update on curation efforts and
latest tools and best practices for querying WormBase data"

Perla Castaneda
(Cram Lab - Northeastern)

PKA/KIN-1 works downstream of Ga/GSA-1 to regulate
calcium signaling and contractility in the C. elegans spermatheca”

Victoria Julian
(Byrne Lab - UMMS)

"TIR-1/SARM1 Inhibits
Axon Regeneration

Jorge  Castillo-Quan
(Blackwell Lab - Harvard)

“What can a fat worm teach us about
lipid homeostasis and aging?”

November 18, 2020 


Title of Talk

Sylvia E. J. Fischer
(Fischer Lab - Harvard)

"Multiple RNA silencing and stress pathways defend against endogenous viral elements and retrotransposons"

Christopher Hammell
(Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) 

"An Epigenetic Priming Mechanism Mediated by
Nutrient Sensing Regulates Transcriptional Output”

Jodie (Norris) Schiffer
(Apfeld Lab - Northeastern University)

"C. elegans processes sensory information to choose between freeloading and self-defense strategies"
 Amy Walker
(Walker Lab -

"Membrane stresses (beyond the ER) link metabolism and aging in C. elegans"

January 27, 2021


Title of Talk

Xintao Fan
(Griffin Lab - Dartmouth)

"The ER scaffolds cytoplasmic polarity in
the early C. elegans embryo"

Bojun Chen
(Dept. Neuroscience, UConn Health)

"Novel regulators of SLO-2 potassium channel" 

Katie Yanagi
(Hart Lab – Brown University)

"Genetic modifiers of ALS-associated defects in a C. elegans sod-1 model" 

Ni Ji
(Flavell Lab - MIT)

"A neural circuit for flexible control of
persistent behavioral states"

March 24, 2021


Title of Talk
Eugene Lee
(Horvitz Lab - MIT)
Chun Li
(Slack Lab - Harvard)
 Teresa Lee
(Lee Lab - UMass Lowell

Ashish Maurya
(Sengupta Lab – Brandeis)


May 26, 2021


Title of Talk

Dipon Ghosh
(Horvitz Lab - MIT) 


Latika Matai
(Slack Lab - Harvard)




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