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 Bi-monthly meeting of New England C. elegans workers.
We meet at 6:00 PM  via Zoom
Talks are about 20-25 minutes with breaks for conversation

March 24, 2021


Title of Talk

Eugene Lee
(Horvitz Lab - MIT)

  “C. elegans can distinguish among
temporally distinct pairings of
light-odor stimuli in an associative learning paradigm"

Chun Li
(Slack Lab - Harvard)

"Identification of novel genes in the lin-28/let-7 pathway"

 Teresa Lee
(Lee Lab - UMass Lowell

 "Repressive H3K9me2 enables longevity
and its inheritance"

Ashish Maurya
(Sengupta Lab – Brandeis)

"Shaping sensory cilia via microtubule
and membrane dynamics"

May 26, 2021


Title of Talk

Joseph Zullo
(Yankner Lab - Harvard)

"Modulation of stress resistance by regulation of neuronal excitability"

Dipon Ghosh
(Horvitz Lab - MIT) 

"C. elegans discriminates colors to guide foraging"

Latika Matai
(Slack Lab - Harvard)

"Role of miR-229 locus in promoting
healthy adult aging "

Yao Wang 
(S. Chung Lab -Bioengineering Department Northeastern University)

"Large-scale cooling immobilization for 
rapid imaging and laser surgery"



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