Bi-monthly meeting of New England C. elegans workers.

Pizza and four research talks of about 20-25 minutes, with breaks for conversation.

 We meet at 6:00 PM  in Room 68-181
First floor of the
MIT Biology building.

BAWM food and drink is enabled by financial support from….. 

New England Biolabs

 Integrated DNA Technologies



Kramer Scientific 

MBF Bioscience

September 27, 2017

Name Talk Title
Amy Walker
(Amy Walker Lab - UMMS)                             
"Methylation and Stress-Induced Gene Expression”
Charles Nelson
(Victor Ambros Lab - UMMS)
 “Post-transcriptional Regulation of the microRNA Let-7  in C. elegans”
Albrecht Lab Members (TBA)
(Dirk Albrecht Lab - WPI)
"Improved Microscopy of Living C. elegans"
Greg Dokshin
(Craig Mello Lab - UMMS)
 "Hydrogel Encapsulation for Long-Term Imaging of Living Organisms"

November 29, 2017

     Name                                                Talk Title
Yue Zhang                                          
(William Mair Lab-Harvard) 
 “Cell non-autonomous modulation of longevity by the TORC1 pathway"              

Zoë Hilbert 
(Dennis Kim Lab - MIT)

 "Neuroendocrine regulation of decision-making behavior in C. elegans males"
Beste Mutlu
(Susan Mango Lab - Harvard) 
 "Chromatin organization during embryogenesis”

Naina Kurup
Xiaowei Zhuang Lab - Harvard)

 "Cytoskeletal regulation of synapse formation"

January 24, 2018


  Talk Title

 Mansi Srivastava
(Mansi Srivastava Lab-Harvard)                                                                

"Every worm has its day: a new acoel model system reveals GRNs for regeneration"


Youjun Wu
(Erik Griffin Lab-Dartmouth)

"Single-particle dynamics underlying germplasm segregation in the C. elegans zygote"

 Alison Wirshing
(Cram Lab - Northeastern)
 "A screen of all actin binding proteins in Caenorhabditis elegans reveals spectrin as a key regulator of contraction and actin network organization in the spermatheca"

Dennis Kim
(Kim lab - MIT)

 "Regulation of development and physiology by neuronal eIF2a phosphorylation"

March 28, 2018

Name Talk Title
Ross Lagoy
(Dirk Albrecht Lab - WPI)

""New automated screening technologies identify acute and chronic modulators of neural activity in C. elegans"

Ahilya Sawh
(Susan Mango Lab - Havard)
            "Dynamic organization of chromosomes during development by multiplexed FISH"
Steve Sando
(Bob Horvitz Lab - MIT)
"Spitting and gulping: opposing behaviors driven by a single pharyngeal neuron"
Charlotte Kelley
(Erin Cram Lab- Northeastern)           
  "The myosin light chain kinase, MLCK-1,
relocalizes during C. elegans
ovulation to promote actomyosin bundle assembly and drive contraction”

May 23, 2018

                                                            Name      Talk Title

Xintao Fan
(Erik Griffin Lab - Dartmouth)

 "Regulation of P granule Dynamics by ER and Mitochondria in the early C.elegans embryo"
Eric Luth
(Peter Juo Lab - Tufts)
 "VER proteins regulate GLR-1 glutamate receptor surface levels to control behavior"

Akiko Doi
(Bob Horvitz Lab - MIT)
 "The evolutionarily conserved DEAD-box helicase  DDX-23 functions in stem cell biology"
Simon Wang
(Eric Greer Lab - Harvard)
 “The dealkylating enzyme NMAD-1 regulates meiosis in C. elegans”



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