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  • Alison Abbott, PhD

    Alison Abbott, PhD

    Associate Professor
    Biological Sciences, Marquette University, Wehr Life Sciences
    Suite 308, PO Box 1881, Milwaukee WI 53201
    Ofc: (414) 288-4422; Email:
    View web page

  • Samantha Burke, PhD

    Samantha Burke, PhD

    Science Faculty
    Noble and Greenough School
    Dedham, MA

  • Kae-Jia (Roger) Chang, PhD

    Kae-Jia (Roger) Chang, PhD

    Postdoctoral Fellow
    Karolinska Institutet
    Stockholm, Sweden


  • Sungwook Choi, PhD

    Sungwook Choi, PhD

    Senior Researcher
    HanAll Biopharmaceutical, Suwon, Korea 

  • Marta Christov, MD, PhD

    Marta Christov, MD, PhD

    Nephrologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine
    Division of Nephrology
    Westchester Medical Center
    Macy Pavilion, Valhalla, NY  10595
    Ofc: 914-493-7701 (clinical); 914-594-3989 (research)
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  • Susan Euling, PhD

    Susan Euling, PhD

    EPA's National Center for Environmental Assessment
    1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington  20460
    Ofc: (703) 347-8575;  Email:
    View EPA website

  • Rhonda Feinbaum, PhD

    Rhonda Feinbaum, PhD

    Department of Molecular Biology Simches Research Center
    Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

  • William Fixsen, PhD

    William Fixsen, PhD

    Senior Lecturer
    Molecular and Cellular Biology
    Director of Science Instruction for Continuing Education and the Health Careers Program
    Harvard University, Boston, MA
    Ofc: (617) 998-8598

  • Hirosha Geekiyanage

    Hirosha Geekiyanage, PhD

    Assistant Professor
    UC Merced
    School of Engineering


  • Christopher Hammell, PhD

    Christopher Hammell, PhD

    Associate Professor
    Cancer Center Member
    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Watson School of the Biological Sciences
    One Bungtown Road, 213 James Building, Cold Spring Harbor NY 11724
    Ofc: (516) 367-5207; Lab: (516) 367-5210
    Email:;   View web page

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