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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Interest Group (PMRIG)

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Interest Group (PMRIG)

Come learn about Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, also known as Physiatry!

Student leaders: Sara-Grace Reynolds (MS4/5) and Lauren Woo (MS2)

Faculty Advisor: Faren Williams, MD

The PM&R Interest Group aims to educate students about a great specialty that many students have little exposure to. Physiatrists look at the complete picture of their patients to help them deal with illness, injury, or chronic disability, and to restore them to the highest level of functioning possible. Patients may be those with stroke, brain or spinal cord injury, complex ortho cases, multiple traumas, sports injuries, musculoskeletal pain, amputation, cancer, or gait disorders, to name a few. PM&R requires a 1 year internship (usually internal medicine) and 3 years of dedicated PM&R. Visit the American Acadamy of PM&R to learn more.

The PM&R Interest Group works to bring together students interested in the specialty and to provide opportunities for education, networking, mentorship, research, and shadowing.

Upcoming events and meetings

Stay tuned for upcoming events!