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Student Activities Funding & Event Guidelines

Funding Request Guidelines: All events with funding requests must have completed funding request forms submitted to the respective Student Treasurer via email no later than 2 weeks prior to the student event. The Student Treasurer must approve of the funding request before the student leader can move forward with a p-card request.

P-Card (Credit Card) Guidelines: The p-card is the preferred method for all purchases. Reimbursements are possible if the student does not secure the p-card for their event. Student organizations must forward an approved Funding Request Form to Justine Cameron at least 7 business days prior to an event with their request to use the p-card. At an agreed upon time, the credit card will be released to the student leader of the student organization and returned at the previously established time. An itemized receipt showing the vendor, date of transaction, and no tax charged, must be provided with the return of the card. Note: If tax is charged on the credit card, it will be the student’s responsibility to go back to the vendor and have the tax removed/reimbursed. This must be done within 24 hours. Failure to do so may result in that group becoming ineligible for future student group funding.  

When the student leader picks up and returns the p-card, they should complete the appropriate sections of the P-Card Request & Return Form. Per financial services’ policy, students must provide a list of attendees if they are using the p-card for food purchases. It is important that students bring the list of attendees with them upon return of the p-card.