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Obstetrics & Gynecology Interest Group (OB/Gyn)

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Interested in OB/GYN and can’t wait to get started?

The OB/GYN interest group is a student-lead organization that provides opportunities for students to learn more about women’s health, the field of OB/GYN and its related sub-specialties. We offer shadowing opportunities for first and second year medical students at UMass Memorial in Labor & Delivery and in GYN surgery. The OB/GYN interest group hosts 1 or 2 school-wide events per month, including: 

Specialty talks:

  • GYN Oncology
  • Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Female Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Abortion Care


  • Careers in OB/GYN
  • Careers in Surgical Specialties
  • Contraception
  • The Science and Psychology of Infertility

Birthing panel:

  • Midwives
  • Doulas
  • Water births
  • Preterm Labor
  • Obstetrician vs. Family Medicine

OB/GYN skills session:

  • Surgical knot tying
  • How to deliver a baby

Movie nights

This interest group offers may opportunities for students to explore the rewarding field of OB/GYN and helps prepare students for their third year rotations.

OB/GYN IG leaders: Bailey McGuinness, Geneva Degregorio, Christina Kunycky, Cecilia Bahamon

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Anne Garrison

Upcoming Events and Meetings

The Science and Psychology of Infertility – Date TBD

Dr. Julia Johnson, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Chair of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, will give a 30 minute lecture touching on the prevalence and etiology of infertility, basic evaluation techniques, treatment options, social/cultural issues, success rates, and evidence based psychological interventions. Following the talk there will be a 30-minute question answer session with Dr. Julia Johnson as well as a patient. Dinner will be provided. 

OB/GYN skills session – Date TBD

Come learn the skills that ob/gyn physicians use in practice!  Residents will teach laparoscopic skills, suturing, and surgical knot tying in the surgical skills lab.  There will be time to practice and hone your skills, as well as experienced 3rd and 4th years ready to lend a hand.

Contact Us

OB/GYN Student Leaders

Bailey McGuinness

Cecilia Bahamon

Christina Kunycky

Geneva Degregorio

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Anne Garrison



OB/GYN Fellowships

Many students ask what sub-specialties exist within the field of OB/GYN:

  • Maternal-fetal medicine – an obstetrical subspecialty, sometimes referred to as perinatology, that focuses on the medical and surgical management of high-risk pregnancies and surgery on the fetus with the goal of reducing morbidity and mortality.
  • Reproductive endocrinology and infertility – a subspecialty that focuses on the biological causes and interventional treatment of infertility
  • Gynecological oncology – a gynecologic subspecialty focusing on the medical and surgical treatment of women with cancers of the reproductive organs
  • Female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery – a gynecologic subspecialty focusing on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of women with urinary incontinence and prolapse of the pelvic organs. Sometimes referred to by laypersons as "Female urology"
  • Advanced laparoscopic surgery
  • Family planning – a gynecologic subspecialty offering training in contraception and pregnancy termination (abortion)
  • Pediatric and adolescent gynecology
  • Menopausal and geriatric gynecology

Shadowing Sign Ups

*These shadowing opportunities are only available to 1st and 2nd year UMass Chan students

Sign up for Labor & Delivery Shadowing

Sign up for GYN Surgery Shadowing