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Q6 – Can I work from home if I am on self-quarantine? (Updated: 03/15)

If you are not providing direct patient care, you are encouraged to consult with the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education to determine if you might be able to modify your curriculum and complete an equivalent/modified experience from home. We may be able to create distance-learning experiences for you while you are self-quarantine.

Q7 – What if I have a personal circumstance or health condition that may put me at increased risk if I contact a patient with COVID-19? (Updated: 03/15)

If you have a health condition that puts you at high risk or if you have unique circumstances (direct care of a family member who is immunosuppressed or elderly), please work with your healthcare provider, the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education, and the Office of Student Affairs, to discuss a possible modification of your educational experiences in the near term, as the situation with COVID-19 unfolds.

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