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Zeiss Z1 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Zeiss Z1jpeg photo   Widefield inverted fluorescence microscope     To reserve use

  • Incubation Chamber
  • CO2, with humidification
  • Heated stage for dishes
  • ApoTome for thin sectioning
  • Automated for Z stacks and time lapse imaging

                                              Objective lenses

Objectives Brightfield
Refraction Numerical Aperture Resolution (Um)
10x phase 1 dry 0.25 1.33
20x Phase 2 or DIC dry 0.5 0.67
40x DIC dry 0.6 0.56
63x DIC oil 1.4 0.24
100x DIC oil 1.4 0.24

                                    Filter Cubes

Zeiss # Fluor dye excitation emission
49 DAPI 365nm 445nm
38 GFP 470nm 525nm
45 TX RED 560nm



                                      DAPI Filter Set Spectrum


                                        GFP Filter Set Spectrum

GFP filterset


                                          Texas Red Filter Set Spectrum