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Leica SP-5 Confocal Microscope

SP-5 photoLeica TCS SP-5 Confocal Microscope location: AS8-2029  status: in service

reserve use

This system is based on an inverted Leica DMI 6000 CS microscope base with a conventional scanhead equipped with 7 laser lines that provide flexibility for fluorophore excitation and a z-galvo automated stage for z-stacks and 3D-projections. Custom tunability of detection allows acquiring complete emission spectra. Most dyes can be optimally excited with minimal cross-excitation and specimen damage.

Objective lenses:
HC Fluotar, 10X dry, NA= 0.3, resolution 651µ
HCX PL APO CS, 20x dry, UV corrected, NA= 0.7, resolution 279µ
HCX PL APO CS, lambda blue 20X imm., UV corrected NA=0.7, resolution 279µ
HCX PL APO CS, 40X oil, NA= 1.25, resolution 156µ
HCX PL APO CS, 63X, oil, NA= 1.4, UV corrected, resolution 139
HCX PL APO CS, 63X, glycerine, NA= 1.3, UV corrected, resolution 150

Lasers lines available:
405 diode, Argon; 458, 476, 488, 514, DPSS 561, HeNe 633

Filter Cubes for widefield viewing

Filter SetCommon DyesExcitation filterDichroic MirrorSuppression filter

I 3 


BP 450-490


LP 515

N 2.1 

TRITC, AF658, Cy3

BP 515-560


LP 590


DAPI, Hoechst

BP 340-380


LP 425


Up to three true spectral confocal channels, plus one brightfield channel, simultaneously
Prism spectrometer for high transmittance and tunability
Fast switching between eyepiece and scanning
Emission detection from 420 nm to 800 nm
High resolution imaging with 2k x 2k pixels
Scan line averaging for noise reduction
Fast frame rates with resonant scanning system up to 200 frames per second at all zoom factors and with panning feature
Optical field rotation over 180 degrees for all scanner types and wavelengths
User friendly graphical interface provides control over laser intensity and PMT output to provide the lowest noise with minimal photobleaching.

Downloads:  Leica SP-5 quick start   Leica SP-5 User Manual  Confocal microscopy explained