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OMX V4 DeltaVision

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High-Speed Widefield Imaging Mode
• Simultaneously acquire up to four images - critical for high-speed live cell and FRET imaging
• Multiplex imaging derives more data from each sample
• Proprietary softWoRx® software features quantitative deconvolution capabilities

Super-Resolution Imaging (SIM)
• True 3D structured illumination imaging enables resolution improvements in X, Y and Z
• 90 nm in XY and 220 nm in Z (resolution is wavelength and optics dependent)
• Axial light design allows simultaneous multi-wavelength structured illumination imaging

Localization Microscopy and TIRF Illumination
• Monet™ localization imaging with 20-50 nm lateral resolution
• Exclusive Multiline TIRF illumination optimized for each excitation wavelength for hassle free excitation switching