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Nikon A-1 Confocal/Wide Field Scope

Nikon A-1 Pix 
This instrument utilizes the Nikon Ti scope base and Nikon Elements AR software for scope control and image capture and quantification. All subsystems are fully automated providing for:

Time lapse imaging
Multi-point revisiting
Multi-channel fluorescence plus DIC imaging (volume view)
Z stack imaging with 3D reconstruction
Automated tiling/stitching for large specimin imaging at high magnification
Movie making from time lapse images

DIC optics are available on all of the following objectives except the 2X

Magnification Lens Type N.Aperture
2X Plan Apo 0.1
10X Plan Fluor 0.3
20X Plan Fluor 0.5
40X Plan Fluor  1.3
60X Apo TIRF  1.49
100X Plan Apo  1.40


3 independant imaging systems are available:

  • Nikon A-1 confocal system providing 7 available laser lines:
    405, 457, 476, 488, 514, 561, 640 and 12 bit capture
  • Photometrics QuantEM high sensitivity monochrome widefield fluorescence camera with 16 bit capture.
  • Nikon DS-i2 widefield color camera with 16 bit capture

Filter Cubes (eyepiece viewing and widefield imaging)

Name         Excitation           Emission
DAPI           375-400                 435-486
GFP             450-495                 500-550
TXRed          540-580                 593-668
CY5             590-650                 665-745