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Imaging Services Provided by the SCOPE

In addition to providing our academic and commercial scientists with cutting-edge instrumentation, we also offer to do the imaging for you with our microscopy expertise. These services include the slide scanning service, assisted imaging sessions, contract imaging and spatial biology. Please book a microscopy consultation to speak with Dr. Christina Baer and the staff at the SCOPE to see if the SCOPE Imaging Services is the right choice for your experiment.

SLIDE SCANNING SERVICES: We can acquire whole-tissue or whole-coverslip high resolution microscopy images for both colorimetric (H&E, DAB, IHC) and immunofluorescent samples (widefield & confocal) This is offered exclusively as a service on the TissueGnostics tissue cytometers. We do not train users to use this system, it allows us the most efficient turnaround times for clients as possible. All you have to do is fill out a sample submission form and drop-off your samples! FIND OUT MORE

ASSISTED IMAGING SESSION: The SCOPE offers assisted imaging sessions that are 2hrs in length on any systems that users can be trained on*. You must book a 30-minute microscopy consultation (free) in advance of the assisted imaging session so that our staff scientists can evaluate the experiment and verify that a compatible microscope will be available. *This does not include the TissueGnostics tissue cytometers, Vizgen MERFISH platform, nor the Nanostring GeoMx. FIND OUT MORE

CONTRACT IMAGING: Staff scientists at the SCOPE are available to do imaging for you on any of our available imaging systems. This will require you to book a 30-minute microscopy consultation (free) to discuss your experiment and verify what imaging system is compatible. In this option you will be billed per hour for staff time and the rate for the microscope being used. This can be a great option for those that need images more quickly, as our staff is fully trained on the systems and do not have a delay for the training process.

SPATIAL BIOLOGY: The SCOPE offers spatial biology imaging services for the Nanostring GeoMx and Vizgen MERFISH platforms. If you are interested in a quote, please book a 45-minute meeting for the GeoMX Project Meeting or MERFISH Planning meeting. If you would like to have a discussion about the 2 technologies and find what would best answer your scientific question, you can book either meeting type and just let us know you would like information about both in a note on your reservation. 

All current rates and billing information are available here