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Come Celebrate International Day of Light with the SCOPE!

The Sanderson Center for Optical Experimentation is excited to be part of the global celebration of International Day of Light. This is an annual day of recognition organized by UNESCO on May 16th, the anniversary of Theodore Maiman successfully firing the first laser. Advances in microscopy that levearge new technologies to manipulate light now enable the visualization of ever smaller objects with more clarity. The SCOPE is constantly working with UMass Chan researchers to facilitate the use of new and cutting-edge microscopes to brighten up their research. We hope you will join us for our International Day of Light programing. 

The Mica Microhub from Leica is one of the newest systems here at the SCOPE and in celebration of International Day of Light, we wanted to share it with our research community for free demos ALL DAY! You can bring your own samples and we will show you what Mica can do!

Please use the bookings calendar to book a 30-min time slot that works for you. 

We welcome up to 3 participants in each demo time slot. 

Mica Configuration 

Fluorescence filters: DAPI, FITC (488), TRITC (555), and CY5 (633)

Transmitted light: brightfield and IMC modes with color camera

Environmental control: temperature control and CO2

Sample holders: 1 slide, 4 slides, 35 mm dish, 60 mm dish

Objectives: 1.5x (NA 0.05), 10x (NA 0.32 ), 20x (NA 0.75), 63x water immersion (NA 1.2)

Please contact the SCOPE staff in advance to ensure your dish size type is compatible with the available holders and objectives. 

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