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Leica TCS SP8 STED demo and seminar


Deep nanoscopy 45-65 µm inside cleared adult kidney sample of a rat. 20 µm xyz stack confocal/3D STED. Nephrin visualized with STAR 635P. Clearing by modified CLARITY protocol. STED lens: HC PL APO 93X/1.30 GLYC motCORR – STED WHITE. Sample courtesy of David Unnersjö-Jess, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.

Learn more: Seminar, November 19, 2019, noon - 1 pm, AS8.2072. Lunch will be served. 

Multicolor nanoscopy

Cover the whole spectrum of visible light

Multicolor applications give access to detailed information about the interrelationships of various structures. Colocalization studies are routinely performed with STED ONE nanoscope. The multiple STED laser lines of STED 3X  at 592 nm and 660 nm and the pulsed laser at 775 nm, which reaches resolutions below 30 nm, cover the whole spectrum of visible light and give access to many applicable fluorophores.

More colors make the difference!

The White Light Laser, the AOBS (Acousto Optical Beam Splitter) and the tunable spectral detectors synergistically enable you to image any kind of fluorophore combination and give you the highest flexibility for your multicolor experiment.