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TG and Image Cytometry Software

TissueGnostics has been based on the idea of providing the best tools for Tissue Cytometry - a scientific method for analysing cells in their morphological setting, as opposed to them being dissociated from it.

This has made it clear from the start that image analysis was going to be the tool of choice and so it is no wonder that TissueGnostics first product was image analysis software for samples stained with immunofluorescent markers, namely TissueQuest.

The first TissueQuest versions were appreciated for their robust, yet simple approach to a technology that was then known to scientists as being complex and requiring a lot of experience to use.

Nothing has changed since those days.

TGs Image Analysis Software portfolio has grown, but its products are still as easy to use.

They have been integrated into TGs automated scanning and analysis systems, but are also available as very much agnostic standalone tools.