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Imaris for Cell Biologists

The Imaris for Cell Biologists package is ideal for researchers in several life science disciplines who require a broad range of functionalities to study cells and organisms. In addition to Imaris’ proven 3D/4D visualization and analysis tools, Imaris for Cell Biologists provides the functionality for smart cell based segmentation, analysis on a per cell basis and discovery of intracellular relationships. The package includes automated tracking, detection of cell division and creation of interactive lineage trees along with statistical tests and a two-way interface for customization in Matlab, Java or Python.

Tracking motion in real life conditions

Imaris for Cell Biologists is the most powerful commercial software for live cell tracking & analysis. It rises to the challenge of monitoring temporal changes in biological systems. Users have a choice of multiple sophisticated automatic tracking algorithms, manual tracking options as well as an intuitive and interactive track editing tool.

Statistics and measurements

After segmenting the image data Imaris calculates a wide range of statistics for all detected objects: Cells, Surfaces and Spots. All values can be used for color coding, plotted inside Imaris (using Vantage plots) or exported in an .csv or .xls file format. Parameters presented below are the most common statistic types needed by biologists. Imaris reports many more.