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Artificial Intelligence  ●  Visualization  ●  Image Analysis

AI is not just a buzzword

Based on 20 years of in-house R&D, Aivia is an innovative and complete 2-to-5D image visualization, analysis and interpretation platform. Using state-of-the-art algorithm and software architecture, Aivia delivers top performance on critical tasks such as display of large images and analysis of complex biological phenomena. Aivia is powered by a range of machine learning technology for both image segmentation, object classification and novelty detection. With Aivia, you are the analysis expert. 

Aivia currently features 17 application-specific image analysis pipelines called "recipes" for 2 to 5D microscopy images. The recipes incorporate the latest high performance algorithms for image enhancement, segmentation and tracking (where applicable) thus enabling you to accurately detect all objects of interests on your images. Go from raw image to results in as little as one click. You can also optimize the detection parameters using the Recipe Console. You do not need prior background in image processing to get good results.