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Dragonfly Multi-Point Confocal: An Enabling Technology

Informational seminar: November 20, 2019. Noon - 1 pm, AS8.2072. Lunch will be served. 

Seminar abstract:

The Dragonfly Multi-point Confocal provides high-speed confocal imaging. The speed is a function of applying simultaneous multi-point confocal pinholes across the sample, and simultaneously collecting the emitted light on an array (a CCD or sCMOS camera). The speed and sensitivity of the Dragonfly enable challenging techniques such as Genomics Imaging, Localization Microscopy techniques such as DNA Paint and Super Resolution Radial Fluctuations (SRRF), and Live Cell imaging. We will review some of these applications in this seminar.


James Denegre, Ph.D.

Technical Sales Rep, Andor Microscopy Systems.

James joined Andor in the Fall of 2018. Previous to his current position he built and managed the imaging facilities at The Jackson Laboratory, in Bar Harbor, Maine.  His own research interests have been early development and patterning of the early embryo.

Mouse Colonic Epithelial Organoid

Staining- DNA (blue), LaminB1 (Green, nuclear envelope) and GM130 (Red, cis-golgi) Sample type- Mouse Colonic Epithelial Organoid. Courtesy of Ronan Mellin, Dr. Luke Boulter, MRC Human Genetics Unit.