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Academic Promotion

The Psychiatry Academic Affairs and Career Development Office supports departmental faculty appointments, promotions, and tenure applications. To review the complete departmental and university promotion process, please click on or download our interactive Promotion flow chart.  

Please review the Office of Faculty Affairs web pages "8 Steps to Promotion - A Guide for Faculty" and eligibility and criteria, or the Academic Personnel Policy's Section 3, to determine if you are ready for a Promotion. 

Material required for Academic Promotion: (webpage links includes instructional videos)

  • Signed Promotion Form (In advance of preparing a promotion package, all departmental approvals/signatures are required.)
  • Nomination Letter 
  • Candidate’s Letter to the Chair Requesting Promotion.
  • CV in UMass Chan format 
  • Narrative/Personal Statement (Optional but strongly encouraged)
  • List of Suggested References with full contact information
  • Teaching Evaluations
  • Additional Materials as necessary

Some additional information that is essential to promotion package components are:

Promotion Process:  Candidates can utilize the following options to assist them with the materials required for promotion. 

OFA Promotion Workshop: While the ability to hold in person sessions has been paused, a recording of a previous session can be found here. 

Individual Consultation: OFA staff are available for individual consultation with faculty on career planning, promotion and tenure, and other concerns. Please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Detailed information on the promotion process can also be found on the OFA website at Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) website or email Project Coordinator, Academic Affairs and Career Development or Co-Director of the CDRO  with any questions.

To access the detailed Academic Personnel Policy click here