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Clinician Experience Office (CXO)

Jointly funded by UMass Memorial Medical Center, UMass Memorial Medical Group and the UMass Chan Medical School, the Clinician Experience Office (CXO) was established in 2019 to lead in the advancement of caregiver wellness and professional fulfillment programs.  We believe the well-being of our clinicians is essential to the delivery of patient care, education and research.

Located on the first floor of UMass Chan, the CXO is dedicated to promoting the health and resilience of faculty, clinicians, researchers and trainees across UMass Memorial Health and UMass Chan.  We aim to connect you with support services and community resources to meet your well-being and mental health needs.  We hope to empower our caregivers to enrich their minds, bodies and spirits.

Peer Support Network

During the course of their career, many caregivers will experience either a serious adverse patient event or traumatic personal event.  Clinicians are susceptible to the development of emotional distress, burnout and career dissatisfaction.  If unaddressed, we may turn to maladaptive coping strategies of find that our professional or personal lives are negatively impacted.

The CXO maintains a network of 28 UMass Memorial Health and UMass Chan Medical School clinicians, educators and advocates, a network of your peers, available to talk one-on-one either by telephone or in person.  Members of the Peer Support Network are trained to provide free, confidential and sensitive assistance to our providers during times of need.

If you know of a colleague who might benefit from talking with a peer, or if you yourself are feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about a difficult situation, please email the Clinician Experience Office at or call us at 774-441-7907.  We maintain confidentiality to the fullest extent of the law.  

EPIC: Get Rid of Stupid Stuff (GROSS)

How often have you thought, "Why do I have to do that?" or "That [fill in the blank] makes no sense" or "That's stupid."

In today's complex health care environment, we suspect that you feel these frustrations quite regularly.  And most of the time, you are left to simply wonder or complain about it because you have no idea where to turn to get rid of the stupid stuff.  Well we have heard you loud and clear.

Taking a cue from Hawaii Pacific Health Care System, the CXO, in conjunction with the EPIC team, is happy to announce our GROSS Initiative: Get Rid of Stupid Stuff,  

Send us your annoyances.  Those "stupid" things that are seemingly an unnecessary waste of time and energy.  When we receive your email, our response time is typically within 48 hours.  There will likely be some back and forth communication as we try to learn exactly what the "stupid" thing is.  To help the process, consider sending a screen shot of what you are describing in the email.  As you can imagine, the EPIC space is extraordinarily complex and workplace specific.  So, the more detail the better.

Things don't have to stay the same.  In order to help your wellness and allow you to take great care of your patients, the CXO wants to empower front-line physicians with means to suggest and make improvements in their workflow.