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IPEG Application Instructions

For the purpose of the IPEG program, interprofessional education must represent two or more “professions” from any of the groups as defined below.

  • Licensed health care professions including, but not limited to, Medical Doctors, Doctors of Osteopathy, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists
  • Doctoral or master levels degree recipients in the biomedical sciences, faculty or professional staff 

Participants may include any combination of students, postdoctoral trainees, residents/fellows, faculty or professional staff from the T.H. Chan School of Medicine, Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing or Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Collaborative teams of faculty from more than one school would be welcome.

Public Announcement 
(e-mail and website live)
Friday, May 17, 2019
Submission Deadline Monday, July 8, 2019
Notification Date Friday, July 26, 2019
IPEG Funding August 1, 2019--July 30, 2020


1. Cover Sheet and Abstract using template

2.  Biographical Sketch for PI and Co-PIs (Up to 2 pages per person) using the bio sketch template and submitted as separate PDFs.
A. Positions and Honors: List in chronological order previous positions, concluding with the present position and faculty rank. List any honors, educational responsibilities or leadership roles, committee membership, internal and external leadership roles.
B. Scholarship: Selected Peer-reviewed Publications, presentations, book chapters, etc. 
C. Funding Support: List selected grants supporting research and /or educational programs, and any other funded activity such as contracts, consultation or other academic programs.

3. Narrative: MAX 8 pages using proposal template
A. Objectives:  Present specific objectives of what is to be accomplished in the proposed project.  (1/2 page)
B. Significance:  Explain why the project is important to Interprofessional Education at UMass Chan and how it will enhance our overall education program. (1/2 page)
C. Background: Outline briefly what has been done previously in this area and by whom at either UMass Chan, regionally or nationally?  If the proposed project or study is unique, describe what led to its formation.  (1/2 page)
D. Methodology:  Describe how the project will be conducted.  Specifically report on the methods to assure interprofessional engagement and participation. Interprofessional leadership models are encouraged.  (Up to 2 pages)
E. Integration/Sustainability:  Describe plan for project integration into the broader educational program and sustainability of the project beyond the funding period. (Up to 1 page)
F. Evaluation:  Describe the evaluation methods that will be used to measure the attainment of your objectives. Include both learner performance outcome measures as well programmatic outcomes measures as relevant. (Up to 2 pages)
G. References:  Present a selected bibliography of the pertinent research in the project area to support sections A-F.  (1/2 Page)

4. Detailed Budget using proposal template: Funding for the IPE grant is from August 1, 2019 through July 30, 2020
A. Personnel:  Salary support may be requested for administrative services, student workers, research assistants or other support staff.  Support for consultants and other professional personnel are allowable with appropriate justification.  Names of the personnel should be specified wherever appropriate in the proposal.  IPEG funds cannot be used for faculty salary support.
B. Supplies:  Supplies that are necessary for the successful completion of the project should be requested.
C. Travel:  Up to $1,000 may be requested for travel.  Such funding will only be approved if the travel is necessary for the project or for specific and unique training opportunities consistent with the proposal.  Travel support will not be provided for presentation of project results at national/international meetings.
D. Equipment:  Equipment that is necessary for the project may be purchased for use during the award period.  However, this equipment will remain the property of the Office of Educational Affairs. Any simulation equipment purchases will be ordered through and maintained in the iCELS. Appropriate justification must be made for all equipment requested and sharing of equipment is encouraged, to justify sustained use by a broad range of users. 
E. Provide a justification for each line item.

5. IRB Review: In order to qualify for funding, IRB review will be required for any proposal that entails learners as research subjects or other human subjects for research purposes. As long as an IRB review has been submitted at the time that the IPEG proposal is received, the proposal will be accepted for review.

URL: (Investigator Study Plan Template with instructions)

6. Primary Investigator Attestation
By submitting the grant, the PI agrees to submit to the IPEG program of the Office of Educational Affairs a final written report no later than June 30, 2019.  Reports may be submitted in a format appropriate for submission to a professional meeting or journal publication.

7. Appropriate Appendix materials as needed

IPEG Application Checklist
Submitted all pages of the application including:

1. Cover sheet with Abstract signed by department chair (see template)
2. Biographical Sketch for each professional involved in the project, specifically the Principal Investigator and any Co-Investigators.  Each bio sketch should not exceed two (2) pages and should be submitted as separate PDFs. (see template)
3. Narrative Proposal, not to exceed 8 pages (see template)
4. Detailed Budget Proposal (see template)
5. IRB review if necessary
6. Primary Investigator Attestation
7. Appropriate Appendix materials as needed


All application materials should be submitted to Ashton Gunn via email (