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Prior Award Topics


Neurology Emergency Medicine 

Ika Noviawaty, MD, Co-Director of Epilepsy Surgery Program, Department of Neurology; Marcey Osgood, DO, Department of Neurology

Development and Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Neonatal Simulation Program

Nasim Gorji, DO, Director of NICU Simulation, Director of NICU Trainee Education, Department of Pediatrics; Malisa C. Frakes, BSN, RNC-NIC, Department of Pediatrics; Caroline A. McDonald, MS, NNP-BC, APRN, IBCLC, Department of Pediatrics; Marybeth Whalen, DNP, NNP-BC, APRN, Department of Pediatrics

Development of a Simulation-based Program to Enhance Pediatric Health Care Provider Communication Skills 

Stefanie Gauguet, MD PhD, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Department of Pediatrics – Critical Care; Anne Weaver, BSN, CCRN, Department of Pediatrics


SIP (Students as Interdisciplinary Professionals) of Science, Program Development

Hana Haver, MSc and Micah Belew, MSc

Improving interprofessional communication and performance by simulation-based learning for initiation of mechanical circulatory support in patients with Cardiogenic Shock or Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Craig Smith, MD, Igor Gosev, MD, William Hoffmann, MD, Dawn Carpenter, DNP, ACNP-BC, Jorge Yarzebski

Integrating the Anatomage 3-D anatomical table as a learning tool within an interprofessional education setting

Maureen Wassef, PhD, RN, Omanand Koul, PhD, Wahid Wassef, MD, MPH

5-East Pediatrics Weekly Floor-Based Simulation

Kathryn Wynne, MD, Peter Sell, DO, Stacey Valentine, MD, MPH, Gina Gardner, MSN, RN, CCRN, CPN, Anne Weaver, BSN, CCRN, Amanda Johnson, MD, Carla Schwartz, MD


Interprofessional Synergy Dementia Learning Module

PI: Nancy Morris PhD ANP
Co-PI: Erika Olseon DO MS

Teaching effective goals-of-care conversations using simulation and an advance care planning tool

PI: Jennifer Reidy MD MS FAAHPM
Co-PI: Jean Boucher PhD RN; Majid Yazdani MD

Scientific Basis of Medicine Inter-professional Seminar Series

PI: William Royer PhD
Co-PI: Leslie Shaw PhD; Daryl Bosco PhD; Diane McKenna-Yasek RN BSN


Interprofessional Transitions-of-Care Curriculum for Medicine Subinterns and Nurse Practitioner Students

PI: Erika Oleson DO MS
Co-PI: Jill Terrien PhD APN BC

Evaluating the Implementation of an Interprofessional Team STEPPS Curriculum for Medical Students Using High Fidelity Simulation

PI: Sneha Shah MD
Co-PI: Paul Zgurzinski MD; Debra Heitmann MD; Virginia Mangolds MD FNP-C BSEd CEN; Steven Bird MD

Interprofessional Operating Room Crisis Management with Clinical Decision Making Support

PI: Spiro Spanakis DO
Co-PI: Mary Ann Camosse RN

Assessing the validity and reliability of the Situation Awareness Global Assessment Techniques (SAGAT) Instrument in interprofessional simulation scenarios

PI: Maureen Wassef PhD
Co-PI: Eileen Terrill PhD; Jorge Yarzebski MD MPH