Forms and Templates

Investigators are strongly encouraged to maintain electronic copies of all information (forms and files) submitted to the IRB. These electronic files will be needed in the event revisions are required after review.

Investigators must retain a hard copy or electronic version of the approved submission as well as the IRB's notification letters as part of the regulatory documentation.

Non-UMass Personnel List (HRP-215)

Use this form to report personnel outside the University of Massachusetts who are not listed in the eIRB system and who are not covered under their Institution's IRB.



Investigator Study Plan Template with Instructions

Use this template to develop the Investigator Study Plan. Instructions are included within the document.
Updated 12/8/15

Consent Form Template

Use this document to create the consent form for your research.
Updated 2/3/16

Assent Template

Use this document to create an assent form for children involved in research.
Updated 3/18/14

Fact Sheet Template

Use this document when the study is no more than minimal risk (e.g., simple blood draw, survey, focus group) and when you are requesting a waiver of written documentation of consent.
Updated 5/16/14

HIPAA Authorization

Use this document to obtain authorization to use /disclose PHI from participants of the research

HIPAA Waiver

Use this form when requesting a waiver of HIPAA authorization

Short Forms: (English version)

Select the preferred form below when obtaining and documenting informed consent from subjects who do not speak English.

**Note: Non-English speaking subjects can only be enrolled into a Research Study if this is indicated in the approved Investigator Study Plan.

























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