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October Education Seminars

Date Posted: Monday, November 20, 2023

October 2023 Faculty Care Group Seminar Series

Working relationships with our nursing colleagues

We are fortunate to have excellent nurses working with our patients and this session will feature some of the best and most experienced:

Ray St.Peter, MSN, RN, CCRN,  a Lakeside 2 ICU Nurse and Nurse Educator
Peter Daoust, MSN, RN, a Nurse Manager of 4th Floor (4 EAST and 4 WEST)
Tammy Wylie, MSN, AGNP-bc, a Daisy Award Winning 4th floor nurse who is now a Nurse Practitioner on the Trauma Service

Our strongest and most essential allies in the care of our patients are our nursing colleagues.  They are the clinicians at the bedside and have expertise in serial bedside assessment, in providing daily care and responding to the patient’s needs in a timely manner.  Our relationships and communication with them is critical to provide the best care for our patients.  As physicians we can go about our day focused on patient care, communicating with patients, families and other services and trainees but how about our working relationships with our nursing colleagues? How do we come across to them and what are optimal behaviors and communication strategies in working with them in the various settings that we do?  How do we resolve conflicts when they arise and ensure that we are always working well together?

October 2023 Neurohumanities Seminar Series

AM Barrett, MD

Fiction, poetry and neurology

Through the emerging field of Neuroaesthetics or the scientific study of the neural consequences of contemplating a creative work of art we know that all forms of art including fiction and poetry can change us biologically. It can inspire us and transform our lives. There is much research accumulating that the arts can heal us, amplify our learning, cultivate curiosity and empathy, broaden our perspectives and are essential in creating community and a flourishing existence for individuals. AM Barrett, MD, shared her personal reflections on the impact of reading and creative writing on her life and career as a neurologist. She spoke about what reading and creative writing has meant to her since she was a child, and how she links them to her career as a neurologist.  She read some of her work and discussed how reading and writing has been important in her life. 

Chair, AM Barrett, MD, professor at UMass Chan Medical School, was previously the director of neurology neurorehabilitation, a division at Emory University School of Medicine and Executive Director of the Center for Visual and Neurocognitive Neuroscience and Medical Director of the Cognitive Neurology Clinic for the Atlanta VA Health Care System. Her extensive experience brings together training in cognitive neurology and neuropsychology, neurology, medicine and brain injury. Her research program encompasses brain-behavior relationships relevant to spatial cognition and rehabilitation of spatial neglect; person-centered care and outcomes relevant to function and life participation; and identification and management of hidden disabilities and mechanisms of deficit unawareness. She is also a voracious reader, writer and poet and a strong advocate for humanism in the practice of medicine and neurology.

October 2023 Neurology Seminar Series

Bridgett Van Zundert, presenter

Quest to identify critical pathological mechanisms in ALS astrocytes for advancing diagnostic and therapeutic efforts.

Bridgette van Zundert, PhD, adjunct professor at UMass Chan Medical School, and the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Universidad Andres Bello, Santiago, Chili

.October seminar series flyer by Bridgette van Zundert, PhD

Rachael Sirianni, PhD

Targeting drug delivery to the CNS: mechanisms, challenges, and opportunities

Rachael Sirianni, PhD, professor, and vice chair, of research in neurosurgery.

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