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Neurology Patient Care provided in our clinics, centers, and programs The Department of Neurology partners with UMass Memorial Health to provide patients with services through our clinics, programs, and centers. Through our research studies and clinical trials, our team partners with our patients by offering applicable candidates access to participate in a variety of treatment studies or trials. For more information related to our specialty care, please visit our individual program pages, or UMass Memorial Medical Center for additional information. 

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Neurology Specialty Centers

Epilepsy Center

Epilepsy Center
Our epilepsy neurologists are pioneers in epilepsy care, research, and education. They are using computational modeling and electrophysiological brain wave data obtained from epilepsy patients to better understand how seizures develop. Together with other doctors and scientists, we are working to develop new and improved therapies for epilepsy patients.

FSHD Clinic

FSHD Clinic
The UMass Chan Wellstone Center for Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) is committed to providing personalized care for individuals with FSHD while helping to accelerate the validation of future FSHD treatments, advance new therapies and participate in various active clinical trials.

General Neurology Clinic

General Neurology Clinic
Our neurological care provides treatment options for simple to complex disorders affecting the human nervous system – the brain, spinal cord, and nerves – that control the body’s most basic functions from breathing and swallowing to walking and learning. You and your doctor can access a wide range of advanced tests and evaluation options to identify your neurological disorder and help you get the treatment you need.

Headache Center

Headache Clinic
The headache program develops treatment strategies through translational research, clinical trials including the newest solutions for treating patients suffering from headaches, facial pain, migraines tension headaches, cluster and low intracranial pressure headaches including biofeedback and stress management.  Our providers will diagnose and discuss your treatment options so you can live your life with less pain.

Neuroimmunology and MS Center

Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis Center
Our reputable Neuroimmunology Multiple Sclerosis Center provides comprehensive patient care from our faculty physicians and researchers and a specialized fellowship program for practicing physicians who seek clinical and research experience designed to increase our patient's quality of life. 

Our neuroimmunology research laboratories study the basic science of neuro-immune diseases to develop translational outcomes in laboratory research and investigative clinical trials. For more information, visit: UMass Chan Department of Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis Center (

Neurocritical Care Unit

eurocritical Care Unit

Neuromuscular Clinic

Neuromuscular Disease Clinic
UMass Chan and UMass Memorial provide comprehensive patient care with access to clinical trials with our neurologists in our clinical practice. Trainees have the opportunity to specialize in advanced services and techniques to support patients with a variety of neuromuscular disorders. 

Neurological Rehabilitation and Recovery Clinic

Neurological Rehabilitation and Recovery Clinic

Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center

Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Clinic
Our Movement Disorders Clinic is the region’s most comprehensive program providing advanced clinical expertise for diagnosing and treating movement disorders. In collaboration with UMass Chan and UMass Memorial our attending neurologists and fellowship trainees diagnose and treat patients with movement disorders, and offer therapies through clinical trials. For more information, visit: Movement Disorders Clinic - UMass Memorial Medical Center - UMass Memorial Health (

Stroke Center

troke Center
Our Comprehensive Stroke Center is staffed with our vascular neurologists and fellowship trainees working in our center, the neuro ICU department, and Tele Stroke service. For more information, visit: Stroke Care - UMass Memorial Medical Center - UMass Memorial Health (

Tele Neurology Program Service

As part of the UMass telehealth system, our team of neurologists provides telemedicine in collaboration with local area hospitals and medical facilities.

Tele Stroke Program

Tele Stroke Program
at UMass Chan and UMass Memorial increases collaboration with area doctors to provide critical medical expertise from our attendings and fellows specializing in vascular neurology. Our program provides services to ten area hospitals through emergent live video neurology consultations for rapid stroke diagnosis and treatment decisions, including the administration of IV thrombolytics and stroke care. The vascular neurology fellowship program offers fellows the experience of telestroke service while working alongside attendings providing acute decision-making in the telestroke service. For more information, visit: Telestroke - UMass Memorial Medical Center - UMass Memorial Health (