ALS at U. Massachusetts Medical School


Lou Gehrig brought awareness to ALS with his closely tracked decline in power hitting, from batting for home runs to singles.

Watch our Department Chair Robert H. Brown, Jr., DPhil, MD and the UMass Medical School Chancellor Michael F. Collins, MD taking on the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Research in Neurology

The Neurology Department at the University of Massachusetts Medical School has renewed its commitment to expand and invigorate research in Neurology throughout central Massachusetts and New England



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Local Doctors Develop Vibrating Mattress To Improve Baby's Breathing

Our own Dr. David Paydarfar invented a new vibration-based prevention technology tested in a NICU reduces apneic events and improves critical clinical parameters in prematurely born infants. Watch full story below.

Clinical Care

UMass Medical School works in conjunction with our clinical partner, UMass Memorial Medical Center. For important service and treatment information, please see their website.

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Immunologist Robert Finberg explains recommendations for new shingles vaccine

Immunologist Robert Finberg explains recommendations for new shingles vaccine

The new vaccine for shingles—now recommended for all healthy adults age 50 and older—is significantly more effective than the earlier vaccine, according to UMass Medical School immunologist Robert Finberg, MD.

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