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Stephanie Stephens research spotlight

Date Posted: Monday, April 01, 2024

Stephanie Stephens, clinical research coordinatorStephanie Stephens, a neurology clinical research coordinator graduated from UMass Amherst in May of 2022 before joining neurology in May of 2023. Her prior experience as a pharmacy tech and hotline counselor advocate prepared her to support patients through the clinical research process.  

Stephanie manages clinical studies, ensuring documentation is in order on behalf of the principal investigator and study sponsors. She manages paperwork and policies for open study enrollments, obtains consent, and analyzes the data during the enrollment and data collection process.  

Stephanie shares, “The end goal of the studies is to provide better care for patients and allow them to live a healthy/longer life. And that is rewarding, and I am very appreciative that I can contribute a little in some way. I have gained so much knowledge about the field and its impact on our society. I am more confident in myself and have improved in reading academic journals and CT scans.” 

Stephanie knows her career goals include working in healthcare and patient care within infectious diseases and neurology because she finds it rewarding and impactful to delve into realms, we don’t fully understand yet.  

Outside of clinical studies, Stephanie enjoys cooking, and has an appreciation for the versatility of eggs. They are incorporated in many cuisines around the world, as well as in desserts, pastries, and baking. They are easy to cook for starters, and can be incorporated in everything as dinner, breakfast, and lunch.  They can also be eaten boiled, fried, scrambled, raw, poached or steamed; and added to foods such as salads, noodles, and eggnog. She enjoys consuming eggs and would love to share her appreciation for the cuisine, as they are incorporated in so many different foods around the world.