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Date published: July 7, 2023

July Resident Spotlight: Wyatt DeLomba, MD

Name: Wyatt DeLomba
Residency track: Internal Medicine (IM) 
Year: PGY3
Hometown: Cranston, RI 

In this month’s Resident Spotlight, we feature 
Wyatt DeLomba, MD, an upcoming third-year Internal Medicine resident, from Cranston, Rhode Island. We recently caught up with Dr. DeLomba to learn more about his clinical and research interests, hobbies, and loyalty to his home state’s PawSox (no WooSox games for Dr. DeLomba!).  

What are your clinical and research interests?  
As a future hospitalist, I have an interest in gaining a deeper understanding of all organ systems and am always grateful to rotate with various specialty services. My clinical interests include medical education, and I am grateful to be taking part in the medical education track here at UMass in its first year of inception. I am working on a longitudinal project to make teaching resources more accessible and portable for residents through the shared hard drive. I also have an interest in medical simulation and improving interdisciplinary communication and am working with the Project Rescue research group to deliver mock code simulations here at UMass. 

What makes UMass a great place for your residency?  
UMass sees a wide variety of complex patients with many comorbidities, ensuring that we are well prepared for our careers as attendings, and Benedict adult primary care clinic has provided exceptional exposure to outpatient medicine across all socioeconomic classes. It is encouraging to see that the UMass system is rapidly expanding both in clinical sites and its research center. Above all, our program director and APDs are incredibly invested in our personal success and wellness, our teaching attendings care about our education and continue to serve as our mentors, and my co-residents are some of the most supportive friends I could have hoped to work with. As a medical student, I struggled quite a lot in choosing a specialty. My experience at UMass has confirmed without a doubt that internal medicine was right for me. 

Favorite Hobby?
To stay physically active, I prefer running, weightlifting, and racquet sports such as tennis, squash, and racquetball. I find great reward in gardening and sharing cuttings of my plants with others, and more recently have become interested in bonsai. As the son of two artists, I have a deep appreciation for the arts, and I occasionally practice glassblowing. I also play piano and percussion. I love watching so-bad-it’s-good movies (recommendations please) and enjoy playing board and video games (I coordinate the board game club here at UMass). 

Favorite thing to do in Worcester/Worcester area? 
My husband and I are always looking for new and interesting restaurants in Worcester. We particularly love spending time with friends at Worcester Public Market, Redemption Rock, and Free Play. I have been boycotting the WooSox because they were stolen from the Rhode Island PawSox, but maybe I’ll go someday.