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Date published: February 1, 2024

February Fellow Spotlight: Qadija Qadri, MD

In this month’s Fellow Spotlight, we highlight Qadija Qadri, MD, an Infectious Diseases and Immunology fellow. Here, Dr. Qadri describes her clinical and research interests, why she chose UMass for her fellowship, and why New England is her favorite vacation spot! 



Chicago, Illinois  

What are your clinical and research interests?
My clinical interests lie in infection control and antibiotic stewardship. Research that I am currently involved in aims to understand the emergence of certain invasive infections, the strains implicated in this rise, and the potential changes in hosts that may predispose them to such infections.  

Why did you choose UMass for your fellowship?
UMass is a leading institution providing fellows with an opportunity for outstanding experiences. Training at the medical center offers exposure to a diverse patient population. Being the major trauma center of central and western Massachusetts, training at UMass helps build a solid foundation in knowledge and clinical expertise.  

Where is your favorite place to travel for vacation and why?
My new favorite place to vacation currently is the northern New England area during the fall season. The astonishing landscapes and fall colors among the mountains make it among the most beautiful places to visit during this season.   

Who is your favorite author?
Agatha Christie