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SAS Education Analytical Suite

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Powerful analytics for teaching and academic research

Through a bundled licensing agreement, SAS Institute Inc provides UMass with this bundle of analytical software at a substantial discount.  The UMass Medical School Information Technology Department in turn provides SAS licenses at no cost to UMass Medical School faculty, staff and students.  Site licenses require an annual renewal each year in June.

Learn more about the SAS Education Analytical Suite at

License Terms

SAS software licenses provided by UMass Medical School is available under the following terms and conditions:

  • Use by UMass Medical School faculty, staff, and students in good standing.
  • Installation only on UMMS-owned equipment or on your personally-owned equipment
  • Use for UMass Medical School related work.
  • Use within the United States. Out-of-country use is limited to laptop use 3 months per license year.

Each user must accurately classify their use of SAS Software as “Teaching and Research” (T&R) or “Administrative” (Admin) according to the following guidelines:

  • T&R:  Software used for purposes of classroom instruction, academic research, and course work primarily related to UMMS' post-secondary degree requirements.  Used by students, faculty, and staff supporting such use.
  • Admin:  Software used for purposes directly related to UMMS' operations as a post-secondary degree granting institution; i.e. anything used to run the university is considered Administrative. Things like Student Enrollment Management, Institutional Research, Financial Aid, Admissions or any analysis of school data on behalf of the school requires an administrative license. May be used by administrative employees (including faculty performing administrative duties) for such administrative purposes.

System Requirements

The UMass SAS T&R license is available for Windows, Linux, and Windows Server.
The UMass SAS Admin license is available for Windows.
Also see SAS System Requirements

Request a SAS License

To request a SAS license through UMMS, complete the Software Request Form found at