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Laboratory IT Solutions & Consulting


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Laboratory IT – Solutions & Consulting is a division Data Sciences & Technology. We offer many specialized services to support the variety and uniqueness of the many university laboratories:

  • Research and recommend new software and cloud based technology solutions.
  • Collaborate on and help manage projects that help bring in new technologies or enhance old ones for the lab
  • Assist with Inventory management of instrument-connected computers (Windows & Mac) and broker preventive maintenance/calibration of specialized equipment not under service agreements with our UMMS IT Productivity Services team
  • Vendor coordination/management to ensure that the latest software versions are compatible with systems
  • Assist to coordinate legacy instrument support and personal server conversions (local to virtual)
  • Arrange Virus/malware protection for Laptop, PC and Networks
  • Arrange/coordinate Network segmentation for systems driven by sunset Operating Systems

Lab IT can assist you with Workflow/Sample Management, Analysis and Infrastructure. We’ll research and recommend new technologies/tools to secure and enhance your lab operations and performance.

No matter what specific research your lab is undertaking, you have the need to track data (samples, sample locations, trials, etc.) across and within research cores, labs and possibly outside of the UMMS system. You need to protect your data and also be able to analyze and report on the data you are gathering. Workflow and sample management solutions can offer new and far greater functionality than current offerings. Consultation and assistance is available for, or to find your lab new tools for, the following:

  • Data archival, integrity/manipulation and migration to & from systems
  • Data management, analytics and reporting solutions & tools
  • Workflow analysis, process streamlining and automation
  • Collaboration, sharing and enhanced Visualization tools 

 Contact Byron Deane at or at 508-856-3354 to arrange a consultation and discussion to address your specific Lab IT needs.