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Laboratory IT - Informatics, Software & Consulting


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Laboratory IT – Informatics, Software & Consulting is a division of the Research Technology team. We offer many specialized services to support your unique & diverse laboratory needs:

  • We can help find new software and cloud based technology solutions
  • Manage the projects that bring new technologies to your lab, or enhance old ones
  • Improve Inventory management of instruments-connected computers
  • Vendor coordination/management to ensure latest software versions are compatible
  • Assist to coordinate legacy instrument support & personal server conversions from local to virtual, or even Cloud
  • Arrange Virus/malware protection for Laptop, PC and Networks
  • Arrange/Coordinate Network segmentation for systems driven by sunseting Operating Systems

No matter what your specific research is, we can try and find solutions that meet your lab and research needs. We have a number of enterpsise ready solutions:

  • Electronic Lab Notebooks by LabArchives
  • Biological & Chem based image creation by BioRender
  • Pathway Analysis, Data Analytical and Visualization software tools
  • Data archival and storage using on-prem or cloud based

To get more information, contact Byron Deane at or at 508-207-3678 to arrange a consultation and discussion to address your specific Lab IT needs.