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SCI Cluster - Data Storage

view with stacks of servers on either side

High performance computing is a tremendous asset for our research, enabling advanced data analytics. 

Typical use of our newly expanded Panasas is: as primary cluster workload storage; a bulk repository, or ‘data lake’, for analytics; or as a target for backup & recovery.

HPC Storage is available to Medical School departments. Cost is to the right:

Panasas storage 

  • High processing loads
  • Non-NFS clustered filesystem; suited for highly parallel disk access
  • The first 2 TB of project storage are not charged for.
    • Sponsored user home directories do count against the 2 TB project space grant.

The revenue generated will specifically allow us to expand and modernize the Medical School’s research ecosystem.  This chargeback is only for the storage, not for the computing cluster itself. Our research storage chargeback policy is consistent with peer Academic Medical Centers and research institutions, such as the Broad Institute in Cambridge.

If you wish to request storage, please contact and provide a Speed Type number for billing reference and the name and email of a financial contact who manages that Speed Type.

If you have any other questions please contact as well.