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Long Term Chronic Care and Life Insurance

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As a UMass Chan benefited employee, you are eligible to participate in our voluntary long term chronic care and life  insurance option. 

The UMass Office of the President offers a special long-term and life insurance voluntary benefit program through Trustmark which is available to actively-at-work eligible employees working at least 20 hours per week and their spouse/domestic partner.

The basic features of the benefit are as follows:

  • The plan provides one policy with two benefits – life insurance coverage for your family and chronic care benefits if you need them.
  • As life insurance, the benefit protects your family with money that can be used any way they choose. It is most often used to pay for mortgage or rent, education for children and grandchildren, retirement, family debt, and final expenses.  
  • Employees may select a Life Insurance amount up to $150,000.
  • For chronic care, if you become chronically ill and qualify for benefits, you can access 4% of the selected life benefit per month ($6,000 /month and $300,000 total for chronic care). Employee must be actively at work for at least 30 hours/week, or at least. The chronic care benefit keeps paying up to 2x the life insurance benefit if you continue to need care. 
  • A death benefit is available even if you collect benefits for chronic care.

Example: If your life insurance benefit is $150,000, your monthly care benefit would be $6,000 and your total care benefit is $300,000.

How do I enroll?

To must enroll online through the application system.


For questions call the Trustmark chronic care enrollment team at 844-595-2347 or click here to visit the Trustmark website.  

In the event that there is any inconsistency between this summary and any legal printed documents, including all plan provider legal documents, the legal documents govern. The benefit information provided is a summary of what we cover and what you pay. It does not list every service that we cover or list every limitation or exclusion. UMass Chan benefits, premiums, deductibles, and/or copayments/coinsurance may change at any time without notice. To get a complete list of services we cover, please call the health plan. Copies of plan summaries and the GIC Benefits Decision Guide are available in the Benefits Department or from the vendor(s). Also, copies of each health plan provider benefit summary are available at