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The purpose of this Teaching Toolkit is to provide current and future nurse educators with resources specifically geared towards teaching in clinical settings. This toolkit should serve as a general guide, and we strongly encourage you to consult your clinical or institutional policies for specific requirements and guidelines. 

Contained within this toolkit are best practices, templates, helpful tips, and evidence-based approaches. Please email us at if you have additional resources that we can add to it!

Preparing for Your Preceptee

Successful orientation and integration into a new work environment is a fundamental component of a nurse's ability to provide safe and holistic patient care.


Precepting 101

In this section of the Toolkit, you will find resources that can help you prepare for clinical precepting from understanding the responsibilities associated with precepting to providing neutral, constructive feedback to learners.

Educational Frameworks for Clinical Teaching

This section of the Toolkit contains both conceptual and practical frameworks that can help you plan and improve your clinical teaching. While it is important to utilize precepting methods such as the One Minute Preceptor (covered in Section 2) during teaching, these frameworks provide robust information that can help you assess a learner’s progress, competence, and abilities in a comprehensive manner.