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  • Diane Brescia

    Academic Role: Admissions Coordinator

    Phone: 508-856-3488     E-Mail       

  • Maria Brescia

    Academic Role: Executive Assistant to the Dean

    Phone: 508-856-5757     E-Mail

  • Sue Collette

    Academic Role: Education Coordinator

    Phone: 508-856-3325     E-Mail 

  • Doreen McNamara

    Academic Role: Financial Assistant

    Phone: 508-856-3936          E-mail

  • David Moeckel

    Academic Role: Staff Accountant I

    Phone: 508-856-8855     E-Mail

  • Diane Quinn

    Academic Role: Project Coordinator

    Phone: 508-856-3399     E-Mail

  • Anne Reardon

    Academic Role: Project Coordinator

    Phone: 508-856-5784     E-Mail

  • Susan Young

    Academic Role: Director of Student Affairs

    Phone: 508-856-5756     E-Mail

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