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Precepting 101

Please note
: for some of the suggested readings, only an abstract is available here, but should serve as a starting point if you wish to pursue finding the reading in its entirety through the institution or site you are professionally affiliated with.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Preceptor

The following three articles provide insight into the various aspects of being a preceptor.

A Philosophy Underlying Excellence in Teaching

Roles and Responsibilities of Nurse Preceptors: Perception of Preceptors and Preceptees

The Hospital Clinical Preceptor: Essential Preparation for Success

Preceptor Roles and Responsibilities Tip Sheet: Em Pijl-Zieber PhD, MEd, BSN has provided a helpful, short description of the overlapping roles of nurse preceptors. You can find a .pdf at this link.

One-Minute Preceptor (OMP) Model

The OMP is an evidence-based, widely accepted approach for efficient clinical teaching in busy settings. These two articles describe OMP and how to implement it in clinical teaching. You can also find instructional videos, including a OMP vignette, at these links.

The One-Minute Preceptor: A Five-Step Tool to Improve Clinical Teaching Skills

Effectiveness Of The One-Minute Preceptor Model For Diagnosing The Patient And The Learner: Proof Of Concept

Didactic Review of OMP

Clinical Vignette Example of OMP

Essential Teaching Skills

The following free book chapter covers core concepts central to nurse precepting. Topics such as the development of competency, cultivating critical thinking and clinical judgement in the learner, and aligning nursing practice with precepting.

The National League of Nursing has produced this two-page guide on “teaching thinking” that includes guided questions for learner precepting.

Ulrich Chapter 4

NLN pdf