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Current Training Grants


Behavioral Skills Evaluation of the Multicultural Interclerkship (UMass Chan IMEG grant) - Warren Ferguson, MD and Mick Godkin, PhD

Faculty Development Training (HRSA) - Mark Quirk, EdD

Graduate Psychology Education:  Primary Care Psychology Fellowship (HRSA) - Alexander Blount, EdD

Graduate Training in Dental Medicine (HRSA) - Robert Baldor, MD 

Graduate Training in Family Medicine / Worcester Family Practice (HRSA) - Stacy Potts, MD

Graduate Training in Public Health for Family Medicine Residents - a planning grant (AAMC) - Warren Ferguson, MD

Graduate Training in Family Medicine / Fitchburg Family Practice (HRSA) - Jim Ledwith, MD

Improving the Development of Competency in Motivational Interviewing by Family Physicians(AAFP) - Dan Mullin PsyD

Massachusetts AHEC Learning and Library Resources Service Program (NLM) - Elaine Martin, DA

National Library of Medicine/New England Regional Library - Access to Health Information for Health Professionals (NIH/NLM) - Elaine Martin, DA

National Training and Technical Assistance Center for Primary Care and Behavioral Health(National Council on Community Behavioral Health Care) Sandy Blount, EdD

Overcoming Obstacles to Writing for Family Medicine Educators (STFM Foundation) - Lucy Candib, MD

Predoctoral Training in Family Medicine (HRSA) - Robert Baldor, MD 

Preventive Medicine Training Grant (HRSA) - Jackie Coghlin-Strom, MD, MPH 

Reducing Obesity in Hispanic Patients: The Role of Linguistic and Cultural Competence (UMass Chan Public Service Endowment Grant) - Mick Godkin, PhD 

Serving African Immigrants (UMass Chan Public Service Endowment Award) - Mick Godkin, PhD

Serving Brazilian and Guatemalan Newcomers in Greater Marlboro (UMass Chan - MA Healey Endowment Grant) - Mick Godkin, PhD 

STFM Writing Workshops (STFM Group on Minority and Multicultural Health) - Lucy Candib, MD

Strengthening and Evaluating a Global Health Pathway (UMass Chan Joseph P. Healey Grant) - Mick Godkin, PhD

The Effect of the Global Pathway Curriculum on the Cultural Competence of Medical Students (UMass Chan- - MA Healey Endowment Grant) - Mick Godkin, PhD 

The Rural Health Scholars Program (UMass Chan Public Service Endowment Grant) - Suzanne Cashman, ScD and Steve Martin, MD 

Treated as Family: Improving Care for the GLBT Community (Greater Worcester Community Foundation) - Warren Ferguson, MD

UMass Chan Medical School Chapter of Health Professionals for Human Rights (UMass Chan - Healey Public Service Endowment Grant) - Mary Ellen Keough, MPH